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Network analysis program

Network analysis program realizes stable power supply through the network analysis such as load flow analysis, fault analysis, contingency analysis and stability of large-scale power system as well as offer power system structure change by using up-to-date graphic and provides analysis simulation function.

SCADA For Transmission/Distribution

It is the program used in transmission and distribution system. It plays the role to monitor field via on-line by using field sensor or board information via wire/wireless network and transporting the data collected in RTU to control center remotely. In addition, minimize loss by detecting fault point remotely with up-to-date communication technology, operating various nearby breakers automatically and isolating system from fault point.

Design and analysis of ship/craft power system

We analyzes the scenario for stable operation and provides optimal design/analysis data through the power system simulation of ship/craft using PSCAD/EMTDC.

SCADA for(transmission/distribution)
Network analysis program
Design and analysis of ship/craft power system


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