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Power System SCADA for Smart Grid (S/W)

This is the program to make automated and intelligent Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) of national power system from power generation, transmission and substation. Intelligent network analysis functions, including load flow analysis, fault analysis, and contingency analysis, is added to the existing simple SCADA. It is the core technology for the success of the Government’s Smart Gird Project for processing mass storage power data by reducing the load of EMS(Energy Management System), the central system, by quick data process using MMDBMS.

SCADA for Transmission

It is remote supervision and control program used in power transmission and substation system and plays a role in controlling the spot by transmitting the data collected in RTU from remote distance to central control center, using wired/wires network for collecting the data of sensor or board on the spot.

SCADA for Distribution

It is automatic control system used in power distribution and plays a role in minimizing loss by separating the system from fault point by detecting the fault point at remote distance and running circuit breakers automatically, using high-tech communication technology.

Characteristic and function

Characteristic and function
  • - Middleware system for database-server communication on the basis of IEC-61970
  • standard common information model
  • - SCADA applied multimedia-based MMI interface
  • - Interlocking with existing framework
  • - Data informatization core for intelligent power system network
Function Supervise
  • - Supervise Status/Alarm operation
  • - Supervise analog input upper/lower limit
  • - Supervise Device status history
  • - Fault diagnosis function
  • - Graphic
  • - Alarm & Event
  • - SOE, Trend
  • - Binary control and fluctuation control
  • - Relay control
  • - supervision and control of Limit value
  • - Load shedding
Data recording


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