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Development of Korea energy management system (K-EMS)
  • Period
  • Nov. 2005 ~ Oct. 2010
  • Orderer
  • LSIS

□ R&D goal

․ Capacity improvement through the development of domestic EMS analysis program
․ Possession of domestic system analysis technology through unique real-time system
analysis technology

□ R&D description

A. Development of DPF (Dispatcher Power Flow) program
- Detail analysis option (setting of voltage deviation and power deviation) and facility control
function (transformer, reactive power compensator and generator)
- Function to detect fault facility and dialogue type dispatcher screen(multiple users are supported)

B. Development of CA (Contingency Analysis) program
- On-line, high-speed analysis function (more than 3,000EA)
- High-speed screening function, precise analysis and alarm/violation notice for serious fault section

C. Development of SCA (Short Circuit Analysis) program
- Function to select fault position in substation and function to output short circuit analysis result
by each symmetrical component
- Bus or line based short circuit analysis
- Function to review the appropriateness of protective device rating by using short circuit analysis
- Initialization or loading of short circuit case by using actual system Snap-Shot
- Calculation of single line-to-ground fault, line-to-line fault, 3-phase short circuit, open circuit
and sliding accident

                                                           [DPF component]

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