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A factor selection of distribution system And calculation of unbalanced current
  • Period
  • Aug. 2003 ~ Oct. 2003
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□ R&D goal

▪ Definition of the correlation between induction source and inductive noise amount on distribution line
▪ Establishment of the method to decrease inductive disturbance on communication line and preparation vof its measure

□ R&D description

A. Fault analysis to calculate permanent unbalanced zero phase current on distribution system
- Interface and data control for balanced ․ unbalanced data of extra-high voltage distribution line and input & output of neutral line
- Modelling of line constant calculation module for multiple earthing distribution line (IEC standard)
- Modeling of unbalanced facility on distribution system

B. Data output, editing and maintenance through Windows screen
- Screen is output via text and grid type
- Check and saving of fault analysis and zero current distribution results in Windows screen

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