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Development of the program for auto data connection between data management system and system analysis tool
  • Period
  • Oct. 2006 ~ Dec. 2006
  • Orderer
  • KPX

□ R&D goal

▪ Selection of power facility parameter by the parameter used in PSS/E, system analysis tool
▪ Creation of system analysis file through auto connected input

□ R&D description

A. Development of the program for extracting raw information, the parameter by power facility
 - Information by facility : generator, transmission line, transformer, reactive power compensator and load
 - Information by time : current and future data
 - System operation information : bus separation, line separation status, etc.

B. Development of the connection program for converting extracted information to PSS/E data automatically

C. Synthetic data control through the connection between data control system and PSS/E
 - Search by timeㆍfacilityㆍarea and conversion function
 - Effectiveness verification of converted data and report function

                                       [Outline of automatic connection program]

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